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Check Engine Light

The engine of your car is the main component of your vehicle. Without it, you are unable to go anywhere or do anything with your car. To prevent any issues that may arise in the future, from engine malfunction, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance. At Primary Care Auto Repair, we provide you with expert mechanics and the feeling that you are being taken care of by the best!

AC & Heating

Is your car’s heating and cooling not working like it did last summer/winter? You may be in need of some AC repair. Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick, RI can get your vehicle’s heating or AC working again so you can cool off in the summer and keep warm in the winter.

Auto Repair & Car Care

At Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick, we understand that you cannot go wrong when it comes to following the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the preferred maintenance schedule. Being able to service all makes and models in the Warwick area, Primary Care Auto Repair has the equipment and staff to ensure sure your vehicle runs just as, if not better than its manufacturer intended it to.

Brake Repair

If your brakes are in need of repair or they are just acting weird, Primary Care Auto Repair is here to help at an affordable cost because we know how pricey car repairs can be. Come in and visit us in Warwick and we’ll inspect your vehicle, provide recommendations that won’t break the bank, and get your vehicle back to normal in no time. Your brakes are extremely important to your safety, so if there is any question of their health or status, please do not hesitate to reach out to us right away!

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European, Asian, & American​

Here at Primary Care Auto Repair, we are experienced to service and repair and all makes and models or vehicles for Asian & American brands.​

Auto Service Kent County, RI

Personal & Professional

We give you the professional and personal attention that you deserve. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. You will get an accurate diagnosis and reasonable quote for your repair from our friendly staff.

Auto Service Kent County, RI

Free Oil Change

Make sure to get your clipper card stamped at every oil change. For every 5th oil change, you get it FREE!

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We have the professional tools and experience to give you an accurate diagnosis for our vehicle’s repair.

Auto Service Kent County, RI

Free Towing And Car Rental

Free towing and car rental with approved repairs.

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State Inspections

Primary Care Auto Repair performs RI State Inspection station. Our team of experts not only can do the required inspection but also can repair any issues that your vehicle is having.

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