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The Importance of Regular Auto Service in West Warwick, RI

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

At Primary Care Auto Repair, we’re committed to offering comprehensive auto repair services that meet the unique needs of every vehicle. Located in West Warwick, RI, our facility is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of auto issues. Whether you need a simple tune-up or more complex repairs, our team is here to assist. We understand that your vehicle is vital to your daily life, and we strive to provide prompt and reliable service.


Our skilled technicians are trained to work on a variety of car models. Using advanced diagnostic tools, they quickly identify and fix problems, ensuring your car is back on the road safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship. This approach has made us a trusted auto repair provider in Kent County.


At Primary Care Auto Repair, we don’t just fix your car; we care for it as if it were our own. We believe in transparent communication, keeping you informed throughout the repair process. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with every service. If you’re in West Warwick, RI, and need reliable auto repair services, call us at 401-386-9995. Experience the difference with Primary Care Auto Repair, where quality and customer service come first.

Expert Technicians:

Our team at Primary Care Auto Repair is composed of highly trained professionals, dedicated to providing the best auto repair and maintenance.

State-of-the-Art Equipment:

We use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and fix any problem, ensuring quick and accurate service every time.

Customer Satisfaction:

At Primary Care Auto Repair, customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed expectations, making us a trusted name in Kent County and beyond.

Quality Car Maintenance for Longevity

Regular car maintenance is not just about fixing problems but preventing them. At Primary Care Auto Repair, we offer top-tier car maintenance services essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of maintenance, from routine oil changes to thorough inspections of your car’s systems. Our goal is to help you avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns.


Our team of professionals in West Warwick, RI, is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your car functions optimally. We check brakes, tires, and engines using the latest techniques and equipment. This thoroughness has made us a preferred choice for car maintenance in Kent County. We understand your time is valuable, and we work efficiently to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Choosing Primary Care Auto Repair means choosing peace of mind. We’re not just an auto service shop; we’re your partners in car care. Our commitment to excellence and customer service sets us apart. We ensure that each vehicle receives the care it needs to perform at its best. For reliable and professional car maintenance in West Warwick, RI, trust Primary Care Auto Repair. Call us at 401-386-9995 today and experience the difference quality service makes.

Your Go-To Auto Service Shops in West Warwick, RI

Finding a reliable auto service shop can be challenging, but at Primary Care Auto Repair, we make it easy. We are renowned in West Warwick, RI, for our professional and trustworthy automotive services. Our shop is designed to cater to a wide range of auto service needs, ensuring that whatever your vehicle requires, we can provide. Our team is passionate about cars and committed to delivering the best service possible.


We understand the importance of having a dependable vehicle. That’s why we focus on delivering comprehensive services, from routine check-ups to more intricate repairs. Our approach is always thorough, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. This dedication to excellence has earned us the trust of our customers in Kent County. We’re not just fixing cars; we’re ensuring your safety and satisfaction.


At Primary Care Auto Repair, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We do this by offering consistent, high-quality service and transparent pricing. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist and provide knowledgeable advice. If you’re in West Warwick, RI, and looking for a reliable auto service shop, look no further.

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The area that is now the town of West Warwick was the site of some of the earliest textile mills in the United States situated along the banks of the north and south branches of the Pawtuxet River. These small mill villages of the Pawtuxet River Valley ] would play an important role in the early development of the textile industry in North America. Lippitt Mill, founded in 1809 by Revolutionary War hero Christopher Lippitt, was one of the first mills in the area.

The 1810 Lippitt Mill is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is one of the earliest textile mills in Rhode Island. It was founded in 1809 and the current dam was constructed in 1889. The Mill is one of the earliest textile mills in Rhode Island and is one of the oldest American textile mills still used for manufacturing. Another mill center, River Point, is located at the junction of the North and South branches of the Pawtuxet River, and is home to several mills which have been converted to residences, and which make up the Royal Mill Complex. The Original Bradford Soap Works, located in the Valley Queen Mill, dates back to the 1800s and is still in use today.

The Station, a nightclub and music venue on Cowesett Avenue, was destroyed in a fire on February 20, 2003 that killed 100 people and injured 230 others. The fire occurred during a concert by the rock band Great White, when a pyrotechnic display ignited packing foam that had been used to soundproof the building. The site where the Station once stood was turned into a permeant memorial, Station Fire Memorial Park, which was opened in May 2017.

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