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The first thing to remember is that brake repairs are crucial to the life of your car. As part of regular car maintenance, getting your brakes serviced keeps your whole vehicle in good shape. It’s recommended that you get your brakes checked every six months. Brake repairs in  Warwick, RI, are essential!

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The brakes on your car are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. They bring your vehicle to a stop when you need it to and keep you from endangering yourself and others. If you’ve ever driven a car with faulty brakes, you know that it can be a terrifying experience—that’s why it’s so important to get regular brake service on your vehicle and not to let your brakes go for too long without care. Not only will this save you money on parts, but it’ll also keep you safe on the road.

When you take your car into a shop for brake repairs, you’ll have several different options available to you: servicing, replacement, and resurfacing:

  • Servicing includes inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating brake calipers, drums, and rotors. 
  • Replacement involves removing defective parts and replacing them with new ones. 
  • Resurfacing entails smoothing down rough surfaces on disc brake rotors. 


Your mechanic will recommend which type is best for your vehicle based on its condition and the service history you provide. That way, you can get your brake repairs in Warwick, RI, as soon as possible!

Brakes are a significant investment, and failure to properly care for them could mean paying for other repairs down the line. In addition, if they’re not properly inspected, they could fail while you’re driving, putting you at serious risk of being involved in an accident, and injuring yourself or others around you. This could also lead to causing thousands of dollars of damage to both property and cars, as well as leading to pricey insurance claims.

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At Primary Care Auto Repair, we understand what it means to care for your car as if it were our own. So when you come in for brake repairs in Warwick, RI, we get the job done quickly, respectfully, and thoroughly! Get in touch with us today to schedule your car’s maintenance appointment.