My Car Just Broke Down! What Do I Do?

Published on: February 3, 2020

Auto Repair Warwick, RI

Few things are more embarrassing than being the cause of a “sig-alert.” An automobile can break down unexpectedly at any time. Even a well-maintained automobile might have something go wrong that will cause it to stall on the road. The first thing you should do is stay calm. Next, follow the steps recommended by Primary Care Auto Repair as outlined below.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights at the first sign of trouble, even if your automobile hasn’t broken down just yet. The hazard lights alert drivers that you are in trouble, and they can steer clear of you to avoid an accident. If you are broken down, turn the hazards on and – only if it’s safe – get out of your car to pop the hood and put flares or warning triangles around your car. This helps drivers see your stalled car, SUV, or truck even better, especially if your automobile breaks down at night.

Move Your Vehicle to Safety if You Can

Perhaps your vehicle hasn’t stalled completely. If it has, try to start it again. If you can get it running, pull over to a safe space and then park your automobile and shut off the engine. If you are on the verge of stalling, again, turn on your hazards and drive your vehicle to the first safe space you can find. Bear in mind if you are having car trouble at night, try to find a well-lit space to park your car. You do not want to put yourself in danger and you won’t be able to drive away should someone try to harm you.

Call for a Tow

If you have a roadside assistance company, call it. They will dispatch a tow truck and driver who has enough experience to determine and fix minor problems with your vehicle. If you don’t have a service, search for a local tow truck company to have your vehicle towed off the road and to an auto shop. Don’t leave your vehicle unattended, even if it’s on the side of the road. It’s best to have it towed quickly to avoid other cars hitting your automobile or a ticket from local authorities fining you for a dead car.

If you stall in Warwick, RI, call Primary Care Auto Repair. We offer free towing service and emergency auto repair. We’ll get you safely off the road and back on it in no time.

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