Never Use Just Any Motor Oil In Your Audi or VW

Published on: January 1, 2022

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You might think any ol’ motor oil will do in your Audi or VW, but the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends against it. In fact, they indicate on their website that they are quite specific as to which motor oil can be used in both Audi and Volkswagen engines. They include a list of approved oils that you will also find in your owner’s manual. Primary Care Auto Repair knows which motor oils are approved, as well, so bring your VW or Audi to us for all of your oil changes.

The Importance of Oil Quality

In particular, Audis cannot have oils poured into the engines that are not on the approved list. In fact, the approved motor oils must also be used when you top the oil off between oil changes. The same is true with Volkswagen. Failure to use manufacturer-approved motor oils can damage the engine of your Audi or VW, and it will also void any extended warranty you have on the vehicle.

Causing unnecessary damage to your Audi or VW’s engine is simply a waste of money. You will have to have the engine repaired at your cost because the incorrect motor oil was used. It’s better to stick with the manufacturer’s list of approved motor oils anytime you put oil into the engine. Maintaining the engine’s performance with high-quality oil is more important than you might think.

Ways to Maintain the Engine

Check the list of approved motor oils for your Audi or VW and keep a spare quart in the trunk at all times. This ensures you have the proper motor oil if you need to top it off. Don’t put the oil in a different container; keep it in the manufacturer’s container. If you are concerned about oil leaking out of the container in your trunk, place the container in a sealed plastic bag. Approved motor oils include

  • VW 501 01
  • VW 502 00
  • VW 504 00
  • VW 505 00
  • VW 505 01
  • VW 507 00

Remember, if you use unapproved motor oil in either your Audi or VW’s engine, you run the risk of causing unnecessary damage that will not be covered by your vehicle’s extended warranty. It is not worth it to save a few bucks by purchasing unapproved motor oil. The cost difference isn’t that much and you will extend the life of your Audi or VW when you use the correct oil.

Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick, RI, uses only manufacturer-recommended motor oil when performing Audi and VW oil changes. Call us today to schedule your next oil change.

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