Nissan Murano Multiple Alternator Fails – Does Not Like Aftermarket Alternators

Published on: December 10, 2019

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Not all alternators are created equally. What should be a simple alternator replacement proves to be a hair pulling ordeal.

The Problem

If your Nissan has an alternator that quits and you replace it with an aftermarket unit than you may have an issue shortly after. We performed a routine radiator and thermostat replacement on a 2011 Murano. We test drove the vehicle and then informed the customer that the car was complete and ready to be picked up.
The customer picked up the vehicle and drove approximately 20 miles to work. We received a call shortly after stating that all the lights on the dashboard came on. We immediately towed the vehicle back in only to discover that the alternator had coincidentally failed.

We installed another alternator under warranty because it was only a year old. The new alternator was fine for 2 test drives but ultimately failed yet again shortly after. We tested all the wires feeding the alternator and found no faults. How can this be? After researching this issue we found that many other Nissan owners have had the same issue with aftermarket alternators. Actually some had complaints about genuine Nissan alternators having the same issue.

The Resolution

If you have a Nissan with a failed alternator it is best to install a new genuine Nissan alternator. The additional cost is well spent.
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