Preventative Maintenance in Warwick, RI

When your car’s engine or other parts are in good working order, it’ll last longer, and you’ll be able to get more life out of it. That’s why it can be a great idea to do preventative maintenance in Warwick, RI, on your car with a trusted professional.

Your car’s preventative maintenance is essential. You should have your vehicle checked regularly to catch problems early and keep them from turning into significant issues. Preventive maintenance is also an excellent way to know what to expect when you bring your car in for repairs.

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Maintaining Your Car is Crucial

Preventative maintenance is a simple, effective way to keep your car running in tip-top shape. Preventative maintenance primarily helps with the following:

  • Keeping your tires properly inflated
  • Replacing fluid levels (transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering)
  • Checking belts and hoses for wear and tear
  • Checking under the hood for leaks or loose wiring


Preventative maintenance in Warwick, RI, is something you do for your car without thinking about it, like checking the oil or rotating your tires. However, the name might give you a hint as to why it’s important—it prevents more significant problems from occurring later on. Just like you might want to stretch before working out, these little steps can improve the health of your vehicle and prevent it from breaking down unexpectedly.

It’s easy to forget about these things when you’re focused on getting where you need to go, but if you take the time to do them regularly, they can save you a lot of money in the long run by helping you avoid more costly repairs that would be caused by neglecting your vehicle. In addition, some of them only take a few minutes and are easy enough to remember between oil changes, while others require scheduling ahead of time so you remember.

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Trusting the Best

Trust the Primary Care Auto Repair experts for excellent car care and preventative maintenance in Warwick, RI. Never settle for less than the best for your vehicle. Get in touch today to make an appointment or get an estimate!