Top Cars That Are Easily Customized

Published on: December 1, 2020

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Primary Care Auto Repair is a full-service auto shop in Warwick, RI, and that includes car customization. We love to customize cars, and it’s the perfect time of the year to schedule an appointment with us as a holiday gift. Imagine the look on your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or teen son’s face when you tell him his Christmas present is the auto customization he’s always dreamt of. If he drives any of the following automobiles, they are the easiest to customize into his dream car.

VW Beetle

The VW Beetle is not only extremely popular, especially as a first car, but it’s also easily customized. This longstanding gem has sold over 21.5 million cars for Volkswagen, and the Beetle design has sold more cars than any other vehicle design in history. One reason why this car is so popular is that it can and has been customized to turn it into anything, even dune buggies. We can even trick out a VW Beetle engine.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a popular first car, too, and many teenagers customized theirs will spoiler, mufflers, wheels, and lighting. In fact, you’ll find Honda Civic clubs all over the country with members dedicated to changing the appearance and performance of this popular Japanese automobile. We can customize your son’s Civic yet still keep it legal and safe so you don’t need to worry when he’s driving it.

BMW 3 Series

Another popular car to trick out and even lower is the BMW 3 Series. German automotive engineering focuses on high-performance capabilities and handling, and you’ll find plenty of BMW’s competing in professional racing. We can customize a BMW 3 Series as a holiday gift by adding wings, switching out the headlight intakes, and even lowering it or customizing the paint job among other upgrades.

Ford Mustang

The best Ford Mustang to customize is a classic ‘Stang. You just can’t argue with the fierceness of the original Mustangs when they hit the market. Sure, there are people out there who prefer Corvettes or the Camaro, but come on! Aside from the Pontiac GTO and the Dodge Charger, the Mustang is one of the original muscle cars, and we can customize your Mustang to restore it to its original condition.

These are just some of the vehicles we customize here at Primary Care Auto Repair in Warwick, RI. If you would like to discuss customizing an automobile for a holiday present, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss your customization vision and give you an estimate for the total cost.

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