What Do All Those Dashboard Lights Mean?

Published on: May 1, 2020

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With as much time as you spend looking at your dashboard, have you ever stopped to learn what all the lights and symbols actually mean? Sure you know about the gas gauge and speedometer, but when a warning light comes on it could leave you scratching your head. The team at Primary Care Auto Repair thinks it’s important for every driver to take the time to get to know their vehicle, starting with the dashboard.

Check Engine Light

This is the warning light you are likely the most familiar with. Your vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated testing system that regularly checks the major components and systems in your vehicle for potential issues. When it finds one, the CEL lights up to let you know that it is time to get to a repair shop. The issue could be something small, but it could also indicate a problem that needs to be addressed to prevent more extensive damage.
Check Engine Light
Battery Warning

Battery Warning Light

This light may be shaped as a battery, but it could indicate an issue with one of the other parts of your electrical system including the alternator or a damaged cable. Whatever the case, if you ignore this light you may soon find yourself dealing with a dead battery. It is best to bring it in and have your electrical system inspected.

Oil Pressure Light

This light is an indicator that either your fuel pump isn’t working properly or that you are low on oil. Check your oil and see if it is running low and then call Primary Care Auto Repair for an oil change and inspection. Your engine needs oil to stay lubricated and prevent excessive wear or overheating.
Oil Pressure Light
Temperature Warning Light

Engine Temperature Warning Light

Speaking of overheating, this light lets you know that your engine is running hot and could overheat soon. The cause of the overheating is likely somewhere in your cooling system and should be addressed as soon as possible. Continuing to drive on an overheating engine can cause serious damage and lead to engine replacement.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Your tire pressure affects everything from fuel efficiency to the safety of your vehicle. When this light comes on, it is time to find the optimal PSI for your vehicle and either inflate or deflate your tires to the proper pressure. Just remember to check your tire pressure when your tires are cold or haven’t been driven on in at least three hours.

You rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to be every day. If any of these warning lights appear on your dashboard don’t hesitate to call Primary Care Auto Repair for an inspection appointment. We are the mechanic Warwick driver depend on for all their automotive maintenance and repair needs.

Tire Pressure Warning

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