Why Is My Fuel Tank Whining?

Published on: October 1, 2022

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If your fuel tank is whining or humming, there is a problem with the fuel pump. One thing that will damage the fuel pump is a clog in the fuel system. The fuel system should be serviced every 30,000 miles to make sure all of the dirt, sediment, and carbon that build up on various parts in the system is flushed and cleaned away. The fuel filter also needs to be changed at this point to ensure it does not stop the fuel flow into the engine. It is this flow resistance that burns out the fuel pump’s motor.

Difficult Starts

In addition to a problem with the fuel pump, a clogged fuel system can also kill your engine. You may listen to the engine crank several times before it finally starts, only to have it stall right away. This is a sign that there is not a steady flow of fuel into the cylinders. Consequently, the cylinders will not fire and you won’t have any detonation.

If the fuel system is so clogged that the fuel cannot make its way into the cylinders, your car, SUV, or truck will not start. Period. As you know, the fuel is the accelerant that ignites when the spark plugs generate sparks. If there is only air in the cylinders, you will not get ignition. Consequently, you may have difficulties getting your car started.


If the clog is a minor one, you will be able to start your automobile. This does not mean, however, that the vehicle will run smoothly. Rather, the engine will misfire and stutter. In fact, the engine may stall here and there because there is little accelerant in the cylinders. This will make driving your automobile a strange and frustrating experience.

For example, the engine may cut out while you are driving and this will cause the vehicle to jerk. You will also hear the engine die for a split second before it ignites again. Needless to say, the ride will be a rough one, and that’s not all.

Rough Engine Idle

Your idle will also be quite rough if the fuel system is clogged. In fact, when you are sitting at an idle, the engine may be unable to maintain combustion and stall. Who would’ve thought that a clog in the fuel system could cause so much trouble?

If it has been longer than 30,000 miles or two years since you have had your fuel system cleaned and inspected, call our shop to schedule an appointment today.

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