Malfunctioning Fuel Pump Signs and Symptoms

Fuel Pump Signs

In case you were wondering, the average lifespan of a factory fuel pump is 100,000 miles. Primary Care Auto Repair can replace your fuel pump if it goes bad. We are going to list the signs and symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump below. Bring your vehicle to our shop as soon as possible if […]

How Does the Mass Airflow Sensor Turn On the Check Engine Light?

Airflow Sensor Repair

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor doesn’t turn on the check engine light actually, but you may end up with a check engine warning if the MAF sensor is malfunctioning. This is because the faulty sensor indirectly creates problems in your vehicle’s combustion chamber and sensors will send error codes to the main computer chip. Primary […]

Never Use Just Any Motor Oil In Your Audi or VW

Oil Change Warwick, RI

You might think any ol’ motor oil will do in your Audi or VW, but the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends against it. In fact, they indicate on their website that they are quite specific as to which motor oil can be used in both Audi and Volkswagen engines. They include a list of approved oils that […]

Can the Oxygen Sensor Damage the Catalytic Converter?

Car AC Repair Kent County, RI

Yes, the oxygen sensor can damage the catalytic converter, although the damage is indirect. What actually happens is that the oxygen sensor malfunctions and sends incorrect data to your vehicle’s main computer chip. The chip uses this data and increases the amount of fuel in the combustion chamber even though it doesn’t need it. Primary […]

I Hear Knocking Sounds Coming From My Engine

Engine Repair Warwick, RI

If you hear knocking sounds coming from your engine, something is wrong that should be addressed right away. It’s possible that the knocking can damage your engine if left unchecked. Primary Care Auto Repair would be happy to get to the bottom of the reason why your engine is knocking all the time. We are […]

Primary Colors of Automotive Fluids

Oil Change Warwick, RI

It’s a good idea to know automotive fluid colors so you can tell what is leaking out of your car, truck, or C/SUV should it spring a leak. Use a white cloth or paper towel to dab the leaking fluid from your garage floor so you can find out its exact color. If your automobile […]

Your Car Has Three or Four Filters That Need Regular Changing

Air Filter Replacement

You are faithful about changing your automobile’s fluids per the maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. Take a look at the maintenance schedule to see when the filters need to be changed, as well. All cars, trucks, and utility vehicles have three or four filters that need to be changed regularly. Primary Care Auto […]

Step-by-Step Battery Terminals Cleaning Guide

Car Battery Repair Warwick, RI

Are your car’s battery terminals a corroded mess? If they are, this is a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. Primary Care Auto Repair can test your battery to see if it is too old. Usually, corrosion is caused by leaking battery acid and this happens in older batteries. You can check to […]

Get Your Car Ready For Summer With Preventative Maintenance

Auto Service Kent County, RI

Summer is upon us – finally. It’s been a long year and with things returning to normal, people are anxious to get out back into the world again. And that means plenty of car travel. Whether it be driving to the beach for a weekend getaway or traveling across town to see friends or relatives, […]

I Have My Car’s AC On But the Air Is Hot

Auto Service Kent County, RI

It’s getting to be the hot time of the year here in Warwick, Rhode Island, and it’s also getting to be the time of the year when you rely on your car’s air conditioner to keep you nice and cool. This is especially true when you’re driving home after work on a hot afternoon. If […]